Thursday, February 21, 2008

Furniture shopping is from the devil...and of course we pick the day when it's pouring down rain to go...naturally we didn't find anything. don't be distressed, it took us a year to settle on a bedroom set...we ended up getting the first one we'd looked at.

i'm so ready to have something done with our house...whatever, i don't care. i just can't stand it. we live one step above male college students, and only one step because we own and don't rent. daisy's room is the only one that is decorated, and it's not even finished. i think one day the hormones are going to take over and i'm going to go Tawanda and start tearing down the walls...literally...

I'm in the home stretch of my maternity leave, and i'm SO sad about it. who would have thought five years ago that i'd be filling my days with drool and diaper changes...and loving it..(well okay, if you want to change the poop diapers i'd let you...but you know what i mean)

alright i'm off to watch i can be confused for yet another week.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, Tawanda, what a great image that congured up! "I can do that because I'm old and have more insurance!" Take that, bitches.

Oh, and I'm sorry your maternity leave is almost over. Too bad we didn't marry into money, right?! ~g